Note about VOLTE: Any Verizon phone that was launched after June 2014 is 100% VoLTE compatible. 

Volte is: Volte allows the phone to have internet access while the customer is talking on the phone. Volte (also referred to as HD calling) enables a customer to have clearer voice connection. 

Volte compatible:

Rule of thumb:

Any Samsung starting with Galaxy s5 and up

Any LG after LG starting with galaxy g3

Any motorola starting with Droid Maxx

Any Apple phone starting with iPhone 6.

If you have a Verizon phone that is zte, or nokia, simply google the model number and release date. Non Volte Phones can be activated as ESN change only. This means that customer has to have an active sim card.

PagePlus phones that are Volte:

Fiesta, ZTE max one, Zfive2, Samsung j7, Samsung j3, LG Rebel 3/4, ZTE Majesty Pro, Motorola e5 and up, ZTE 4G flip phone.

s5/s6 Tracfone branded are not volte.s7 and up will be Volte. 

You can always use an Active sim card for non volte devices. 

Non volte support will cease in first quarter of 2020.